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Questions For Your Concrete Contractor

Questions contractors should answer before you hire them.

It is important to get to know your contractor and ask them questions before you hire them. This will ensure your confidence in them and make it easier to talk to them when you have a concern. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable, confident, and excited to have your work completed. As we have talked with clients, we have noticed a pattern in the questions we receive and wanted to answer them for everyone. Feel free to call us at the office 423-541-1270 if you have a question not answered below.

Are you licensed?


Do you provide workers compensation for your crew?

Yes. We have this for employees that will be at your house in case someone gets injured.

Does it cost anything for a site visit and estimate?

Site visits & estimates are free for addresses located in Hamilton County and Bradley County.

If it is outside of Hamilton and Bradley County, there is a $100 fee for us to come out there and look at the project and create a proposal. This $100 is due at the time of the site visit and can be paid with cash, check, or credit. This is the only time there will be an added fee for the travel, site visit, and an estimate. If you decide to hire us for the job, $100 will be deducted from the total cost.

Can you give me a rough estimate of a job?

We prefer to do a site visit before building a proposal for your job, but we can give a very rough estimate over the phone. Keep in mind the price is greatly affected by the cost of moving heavy equipment, the accessibility of the job site, job size, excavation that is required, etc. The rough estimate provided will be broad because we would need to do a site visit to adequately assess the factors and give an exact price.

What is the turnaround time for proposals?

We ask potential clients to give us a week, but usually, it only takes 2-3 days. The proposal will be emailed to you after it is completed unless another arrangement has been made to get it to you.

Can you bring me samples of stained concrete?

We get all our concrete stains and stamps from our supplier - Power Rental and Sales. On their website, you can access stain colors and stamp patterns. Check it out if that is something you are interested in and let us know what you want.

How long will it take you to complete my job?

The average job takes about a week from start to finish if the weather is optimal. When scheduling your job, our Project Manager will talk with you about the exact start time and end date. Keep in mind that each job is different due to the scope of work. Bad weather can also affect the job schedule and cause revisions to be made. If revisions are made, our Project Manager will update you as soon as possible.

Is there a warranty for your service?

We provide a one-year warranty on all our services. If you have a concern about the work we have done, just call us and we will chat with you about solutions.

What does the payment schedule look like?

We require 30% as a deposit, due the day we start working. The remainder will be due 2 days after the job is completed. In the event that the project takes longer than 2 weeks, a progress payment is due every other Friday for work completed to date. Payments can be made in cash, check, or credit.

Do you have a financing option available?

We partner with Hearth to get you the best options for home improvement loans. Check out our Finance page on the menu bar for more details.

Who is the on-site project manager?

Kenny is the Project Manager. The guy onsite during the entire job is the foreman. Our foremen are David, Ray, and Rubelsi. They are in charge of carrying out the job given to them by the Project Manager.


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