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About Maven Group LLC

Why Maven Group?

Our name says it all: "maven: one who is experienced or knowledgeable." The world is full of tradespeople and companies capable of and focused on pouring concrete out of the back of a mixer truck. Although we share similar capabilities, our focus is distinctly different. Our mission is to bust the age-old paradigm of "disappointed client/unresponsive contractor." Originally enacted in 1894, the Heard Act was our nation's first effort at protection of the general public from the behavior of irresponsible contractors. Since then, numerous state and federal legislatures have made further efforts to do the same. The problem is real, our mission is to solve it.  Don't believe it? Call our bluff (also known as our office)... our pre-construction process is designed with one thing in mind: to get you what you want as quickly and conveniently as possible.   

We would like you to be our next delighted customer!

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Managing Principal

Brandon's career in industry spans the past 17 years filling roles as laborer, operator, foreman, superintendent, project manager, and vice president prior to founding Maven Group in 2014. The son of a local real estate developer, he began learning about construction and operating machinery at a very young age. His knowledge of business management coupled with his expertise in concrete and grading make him an excellent leader for our team. He is a husband and father to two beautiful children. When he used to have spare time he spent it participating in action and endurance sports.

Best Concrete project manager

Operations Manager

Day to day Kenny slays dragons by managing our production schedule, client satisfaction, and consumer work procurement. Our most tenured employee, he joined the team part-time in the field during the first year of Maven Group's operation. Kenny's professional background spans from food service where he managed multiple franchised restaurants, to entrepreneurial endeavors in the engineered walls and hardscapes industry. Kenny is a member of the NCMA and ICPI, and a father to 2 beautiful daughters. He is an avid Crossfit competitor and foodie.

Concrete foreman for constructon jobs

Project Manager

David has worked in construction since 2006, giving him invaluable experience that he puts to use every day here at Maven Group. His positive attitude and motivation help his teams operate smoothly and effectively. He is a loving husband and father to two children.

Interested In Joining The Team?

We would love to hear from you. Simply call (423) 541-1270 to inquire about applying for a position.

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