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Is Concrete Better Than Asphalt?

Cracked asphalt road

You might find yourself wondering - why choose concrete? You may have heard that asphalt is cheaper, easier, etc. Well, we're here to debunk some common misconceptions about asphalt versus concrete.

Myth: Asphalt is always cheaper than concrete.

Truth: The main difference between asphalt and concrete is the adhesive used to bind them. Asphalt uses tar, while concrete uses cement. While tar is cheaper to purchase than cement, it is softer and more pliable, which results in quicker degradation. It may be more inexpensive in the short term, you will find yourself replacing it more often and it will age quicker.

Myth: Asphalt looks nicer.

Truth: Asphalt is typically restricted to one finish due to the fact that it must be rolled and compacted. Concrete can be stamped, stained, etched, and finished in a wide variety of ways. All these options give you more room for creativity, as well as the opportunity to pick a finish that complements your home nicely.

workers scraping away asphalt

Myth: Asphalt works in all climates.

Truth: Asphalt often softens in extreme heat, which can pose a significant problem. Concrete, on the other hand, tolerates heat well, which is especially important here in the southern region of the United States.

The Takeaway: Don’t be too quick to rule out concrete as an option for your next driveway or sidewalk. Concrete paving is a great option that is cost effective, aesthetically pleasing, and durable.


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