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The driveway is the most commonly used outdoor space of a home and it has to hold up under a lot of wear and tear. Consider the amount of times you drive in and out of the driveway or the amount of foot traffic it experiences from kids playing on it. Luckily concrete driveways require very little maintenance and outlast asphalt, gravel, and pavers. However, throughout the life of the concrete, it may need to be inspected when it cracks, chips, or flakes. With proper maintenance, repair, or replacement your driveway can add value to your home.

long concrete driveway being poured by Chattanooga Concrete Contractors



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Concrete patios are a popular way to add beauty to a backyard whether it is attached or detached from the home. Concrete can be designed and colored allowing for endless options to create the best space for your home. Whether you are creating a large entertainment space or a small intimate corner, concrete can be poured to fit the layout and curvature of your yard.

concrete back patio installed around pool


A porch is generally a covered area attached to the home that helps transition people from the inside to the outside and vice versa. Porches offer a welcoming atmosphere to greet guests or relax. Although porches can be done in a variety of material, concrete is one of the most durable and least amount of maintenance. Concrete porches vary in size just like a patio, but it is important to know the purpose of your porch before you install or add on to it. Because porches can be a high traffic area, it is important to keep them well maintained or have them repaired or replaced.


Sidewalks can be found at almost every home providing a very functional purpose, but they can also add an aesthetically pleasing touch to a home. Imagine a stamped concrete sidewalk leading to a front door or maybe a stained sidewalk leading around the home to a back patio. Sidewalks are there to create a smooth transition but it is not smooth if there are large cracks, settling in some areas, or tripping hazards. Repairs or replacements are the best solutions to create safe, functional, and visually appealing sidewalks.

concrete contractor's sidewalk in chattanooga tn

Basement/Garage Floor

Interior concrete can be just as useful. Many people pour concrete flooring for the garage or basement because of the durability and low maintenance. Basements serve a variety of purposes like a place to hang out, storage, or guest quarters and concrete can accommodate all of them. Often the concrete basement floor will even be stained and sealed to match the surrounding aesthetics and to bring some color into the room. Garage floor use ranges from a workshop to an area for parking to storage. Concrete can be a perfect match for these needs as well.

Shop/Shed Pad

Have you ever thought about putting a building in the backyard for extra storage or your own workshop? Having that detached space can make a huge difference in decluttering the main living space. Most likely you will want a concrete slab poured to go beneath the shop or shed. One of the most common mistakes is not leaving enough time for the concrete slab to be poured and for it to cure a whole 7 days before the building installers arrive. Leaving ample time allows for a smooth building process and a happier you during the process.


Steps can make or break an entry to a home. Nothing about crumbling or un-level steps seems welcoming to your guests. Not to mention the falling hazard created by deteriorating steps. However when steps are level, evenly spaced, and kept in good condition they can provide a smooth transition to and from a home. Concrete steps can be stamped or colored to better match your home than brick or pavers can. The most common solution to steps that are in a poor condition is to actually remove and replace the whole set.

concrete steps by Maven Group LLC
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