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Concrete Contractors
Anything can be done well.


Commercial Division 3 Services


We understand the plight of the modern general contractor. Our reputation is that of a true teammate - when you choose Maven Group at buyout, you are choosing transparency and peace of mind. We will hit that ADA requirement. We will get that CO. 



Based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Maven Group LLC is a market leading regional provider of commercial and site services. With an aggregate of more than 3 decades of experience, our leadership team applies a wealth of experience, technical expertise, and industry best practices to serving your project needs.  

We enjoy doing a variety of projects from commercial to public sector heavy civil.

Amerian Society of Concrete Contractors

Maven Group LLC is one of the 750 certified members across the globe. With ASCC, Maven Group is able to connect with other professionals and continue education on technology and best practices in the residential and commercial concrete industries.

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